DalCor Pharmaceuticals Appoints Dr. Fouzia Laghrissi-Thode to the Board of Directors

LONDON and MONTREAL, November 15, 2017 – DalCor Pharmaceuticals today announced the appointment of Dr. Fouzia Laghrissi-Thode to its Board of Directors. Dr. Laghrissi-Thode is VicePresident at AstraZeneca. She has been leading the US Renal-Cardiology Therapeutic Area based in San Francisco and previously led the Global Cardiovascular Metabolism Therapeutic Area.

“Dr. Laghrissi-Thode has contributed to the advancement of cardiovascular health in a variety of roles,” said Robert McNeil, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of DalCor Pharmaceuticals. “The Board welcomes her commitment to patients, vision and breadth of experience as we continue to develop dalcetrapib as a leading precision medicine treatment for cardiovascular disease.”

“I have been greatly impressed by the progress of DalCor’s Phase 3 study of dalcetrapib, not only as seen by its rapid enrollment of patients, currently ahead of schedule with 60% recruited, but also by the research conducted to advance the understanding of this targeted therapy,” said Dr. Laghrissi-Thode. “DalCor is the first to use a precision medicine approach in studying cardiovascular treatment, and I look forward to working with its management team to support these potential breakthrough efforts.”

In addition to her cardiovascular experience, Dr. Laghrissi-Thode has demonstrated success at Roche, Novartis and Sandoz in clinical development, global strategic marketing, business development and licensing in variety of therapeutic areas including diabetes, renal and the central nervous system. She drove the development of Dalcetrapib and the Dal-HEART program at Roche. She also served as a board member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Europe and was recognized by HBA in 2012 for her work in developing and promoting women leadership in healthcare.

About DalCor Pharmaceuticals

DalCor is developing precision treatments by genetically targeting patients that will derive clinical benefits. By integrating clinical and genetic insights, DalCor intends to deliver superior clinical cardiovascular outcomes. The company’s first development program, dalcetrapib, is intended to reduce cardiovascular events in a specific genetic subset of patients. DalCor has a worldwide exclusive license for dalcetrapib together with rights to the genetic marker for use with dalcetrapib and is sponsoring the dal-GenE study. DalCor Pharmaceuticals has offices in Montreal, San Mateo, Calif., Zug, Switzerland and Stockport, U.K. For more information, visit

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